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Jennifer Bottini

Jennifer Bottini

Financial Assistant

(951) 300-9600

Jennifer Bottini first worked for Susie in the marketing department of Norton-Leivas in the 1990s, and returned to Leivas Tax Wealth Management for Tax Season 2013. While at the front desk, Jennifer’s experience in Customer Service allowed her to move on to become a Financial Assistant through HD Vest to Susie and the other Financial Advisors.

Jennifer is responsible for initiating and processing the paperwork for financial cases and works directly with our Broker Dealer HD Vest and the various fund and insurance companies Leivas does business with. She keeps the advisors and clients up to date on transactions, can help answer questions and schedules appointments. When you are in need of financial advice, contact Jennifer and she will let you know what documents you need to facilitate a successful appointment with one of our advisors.